Sophia Leenay, MPH

Transdisciplinary Writer

As a writer with 5+ years of agency experience, I’ve led copy and brand development on million dollar, multi-channel health care scopes. I can collaborate with big teams, get up to speed quickly on new disease areas, and create content for a huge range of health care professionals (patients, too!) while maintaining humanity, empathy, and adaptability. 

But I’m so much more than my work in pharma. I studied psychology, public health, poetry and French. I am a transdisciplinary tour-de-force. I love language and complexity, and I am passionate about bringing the ineffable to life through writing.

Types of projects I am available to work on:

• brand messaging • strategy and positioning • digital marketing (social + email) • seo • ux/ui •

Areas of expertise:

• health care • pharma • wellness • beauty • skincare • tech • B2B • US health insurance system • patient co-pay programs • health care reimbursement •